The Hollows: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video The Hollows
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Referring to your own band as a “freewheeling hootenany of a band” can be seen as a lapse in judgment for most bands, but the driving roots-folk sound of The Hollows cannot be summed up any more eloquently. Along with their down-home classic sound, The Hollows have a knack for injecting their own flair even into the most modest music, going as far as to feature six distinct band leaders producing their own material as opposed to a singular front man. The result is a rich, diverse, and charming 12-song collection of sun soaked Americana Between the Water and the Wonder Wheel, which the band recently performed live at the Paste Studio.

For a group of dudes from Brooklyn, The Hollows have captured southern America impeccably so. With six individual front men making their own material, it is impressive their album plays out so seamlessly. Tinged with airs of blues, country, soul, and rock, The Hollows succeed in making an assortment of songs that all meld together effortlessly. Even live, there is a unique spark to The Hollows that would be hard match with anyone else.