A Live-Action Pokémon Film is Officially Happening, Production Beginning Next Year

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Legendary Entertainment has acquired the rights to a live-action Pokémon film and they are fast-tracking production to begin next year, Variety reports. There’s just one thing: this isn’t going to be your standard Pokémon story. This film is going to be about Detective Pikachu. Wait, what?

Detective Pikachu is the star of the Japan-exclusive, digital-only game from earlier this year, Great Detective Pikachu—not exactly the most well-known corner of the Pokémon universe. Nintendo currently does not even have plans to localize Great Detective Pikachu outside of Japan.

This deal comes on the back of Pokémon GO’s ludicrous success, which quickly saw it become the most-played mobile game in U.S. history. Legendary is no doubt trying to capitalize on that popularity as quickly as possible. Hopefully their Detective Pikachu film at least turns out better than their last adaptation, the much-derided Warcraft.

While there are few other details about the film, you can watch the Japanese trailer for Great Detective Pikachu below for a good laugh.

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