BoJack Horseman Confirms Fourth Season Right After Dropping Season Three

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Right after the third season of fan-favorite Netflix animated comedy about washed-up sitcom star and half-horse, half-man BoJack Horseman premiered on Netflix this morning, a post was made on the official BoJack Horseman Facebook page saying, “What if we told you more BoJack Horseman was on the way? Would you binge Season 3 responsibly this weekend?”

Social media is predictably flipping out over this hint that season four of the acclaimed sitcom about the anthropomorphic star of fictional ‘90s show Horsin’ Around juggling women, booze and his downward spiral from fame might be coming so soon after the 12-episode premiere of season three.

And now it’s been confirmed on Twitter: Netflix has officially renewed BoJack Horseman for another season of humorous, yet surprisingly profound takes on depression, aging, relationships and morality, with a heavy serving of celebrity guest-appearances and wacky gags on the side. Especially since season three of the show is shaping up to be the best so far, this is welcome news for fans of the show who might otherwise feel guilty for binge-watching the entire season in a day.

Check out the confirmation from Twitter below and be sure to head over to Netflix to catch the brand-new third season of BoJack Horseman now streaming.

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