Album Review: In Dynamics - 'Everything I See'

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Album Review: In Dynamics - 'Everything I See'

Newly relocated to Sussex, alt-rock trio In Dynamics release their debut album Everything I See on 18th July 2016. The band’s first full length effort and the follow up to their two critically acclaimed EPs, 2013’s Circle and their 2014 release Questions, it's a stunning fledgling effort from a band with boundless potential.

Marrying the instrumental mastery of progressive post-rock with a mainstream slant and pop sensibilities, the Brighton three piece have succeeded in creating an accessible splicing of the kind of music usually shunned by the mainstream .‘Everything I See’ marks a line in the sand – it’s time to sit up and listen to just what can be achieved through sheer dedication by a group of completely independent musicians in this bold new music industry landscape.

Utterly uncompromising in their approach to creating enormous pop songs that are both melodic and mind-bendingly intricate, the new record shows a trio of musicians making such an almighty and impressive noise for a three piece that it’s impossible not to be moved by the raw emotion in their music.

Trading off the beauty in their melodies against the technical perfection in the spidery guitar lines and tight, snappy rhythmic sections, their tracks have a habit of masterfully opening out into sprawling and effortlessly atmospheric soundscapes that ring majestically with unforgettable call and response choruses. Profoundly at home examining deep spiritual and philosophical themes both musically and lyrically, they are a band who seemingly strive to personify the struggle with the unknown mysteries that humanity may never solve about itself.

The band's drummer Jack Wrench recently joined Arcane Roots as a full time member, but rather than draw focus away from In Dynamics, the hectic schedule with both bands seems to simply have stoked the creative fires, with Wrench, his brother Will (bass) and golden-voiced front man Beau Boulden intent on showcasing their extraordinary range and dynamism on this record ably produced by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman, Emp!re).  

Full of the slow building alt-rock and brimming with empathy that fans are familiar with, there are also some twists, turns and surprises thrown into the mix that really do mark In Dynamics out as one of the most important and talented unsigned rock bands that the UK has to offer; like the ticking clock of the snare drum rim shots on title track ‘Everything I See’ counting down the seconds, minutes and hours, this album is a rallying cry for the beauty, frailty and joy that encapsulates the human experience.

If we are the universe made conscious, In Dynamics are the kind of band capable of expressing our collective human voice through the language of music, crying triumphantly into the darkness: we are alive.