Jim James and Brittany Howard Sing Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" in Chipotle Ad

Music Video Jim James
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We can imagine the Chipotle boardroom now.

“How about we get a bearded guy who plays guitar?” “Jim James—got it.” “And pair him up with a powerhouse singer?” “Brittany Howard—got it.”

“But, instead of those two singing a My Morning Jacket or Alabama Shakes song, make them sing a ‘90s boy band classic.” “Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way’ it is.”

“Oh, and be sure to not include any sort of burritos in the whole thing.”

Yep, that’s how the meeting for the new Chipotle ad probably went down. The burrito joint’s animated short titled “A Love Story” follows two kids who grow up to become juice competitors in an increasingly corporate world. As the title suggests, the two eventually fall in love and decide to open a place together with more natural ingredients to serve the community. Ain’t that sweet?

Watch the cute, Pixar-esque video above and tell us why it’s a thing.

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