John Paul White: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video John Paul White
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For those of you who are fond of The Civil Wars or scrambled to look up the harrowing song that skyrocketed an epic Grey’s Anatomy montage, the name John Paul White isn’t unfamiliar. In 2008, White and Joy Williams met in a Nashville songwriting workshop and immediately gravitated towards each other. They went on to become a four-time Grammy-winning musical duo, but their ethereal harmonies ceased in 2014 when the two decided to permanently part ways.

White is used to working without Williams’ symbiosis, however, as he released the 12-track album The Long Goodbye in 2008, right before his entry into The Civil Wars. Though he is Southern through and through, his first album strayed from the more traditional Americana repertoire and is ambitiously receptive to rock instrumentation. No matter what genre he tackles, White maintains a careening vocal strain that leaves our lower lips quivering.

Now White’s back with his first new album since The Civil Wars’ breakup, Beulah, and he was kind enough to stop by our studio to perform some of its tracks for us, as well as a cover of ELO’s “Can’t Get It Out of My Head.” Watch John Paul White’s full session in the player above, and be sure to pick up Beulah on Aug. 19.