Mike Doughty: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Mike Doughty
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American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mike Doughty has been in the music scene enough to need no introduction, but his back catalogue certainly deserves its recognition here. From his humble beginnings studying poetry with Ani DiFranco, Doughty has released a total of 17 albums and EPs since 2000, not to mention his prior work with Soul Coughing throughout the ‘90s. Doughty recently visited the Paste Studio to reminiscence and perform a variety of songs from his career.

A textbook example of an independent musician, Doughty has funded his latest releases including 2014’s Stellar Motel entirely through crowd funding. Not only has Doughty been able to amass a cult following, but they have stayed with him throughout the years, already selling out multiple dates of his summer Living Room Tour. As you’re running to get your tickets, familiarize yourself with the live performances that have cemented Doughty’s place in music for the past two decades.