New Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Shows Off New Pokémon, Battle Royale and More

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Oh yeah, in case you forgot while playing Pokémon GO, there’s another Pokémon game coming out this year. Pokémon Sun and Moon just got a new trailer, which gives quick glimpses at a whole bunch of new and returning Pokémon. The trailer is filmed in a weird, first-person, GoPro kind of way, but aims to capture some of the excitement of Pokémon GO by trying to show that you can take Pokémon Sun and Moon with you anywhere, too.

The trailer gives another look at the new Battle Royale mode, which Nintendo debuted at their E3 2016 showing. Battle Royale mode is a four-way free-for-all, where the winner is determined based on number of Pokemon remaining and how many Pokemon they defeated.

The trailer also shows the player riding several Pokémon across land and sea, a feature that was introduced in X and Y. Another returning feature from X and Y is Pokémon Amie, which allows you to pet, decorate and play with your Pokémon via the touchscreen.

pokemon amie

We recently put together an in-depth gallery of many of the Pokémon debuting in Sun and Moon that you can check out here and you can watch the game’s latest trailer above. Pokémon Sun and Moon release on Nov. 18.

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