Polaroid Swing App Review (iOS): Photos Like a Great Vine

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Polaroid Swing App Review (iOS): Photos Like a Great Vine

Not content with just taking pictures, we as a species have moved on to video and other more interesting methods of chronicling. Gone are the days of carrying around a hefty camcorder with its own suitcase and limited battery life—now anyone can make a film with their phone.

Naturally, “easy automatic” type experiences have come out of this revolution, most notably Vine, which prides itself on curating short movies of sorts. Now Polaroid is attempting to join the action with Swing, which, while late in the game, is functional at worst.

The gist is that with Swing, you can capture short moments, and if you wish, reverse them, take “3D selfies,” alter filters, and of course—connect to as many avenues as possible for Facebook and Twitter cross-posting.

But the emphasis, really, is on “moving photos” rather than full-on videos, much like the Live Photo system from Apple. Yes, it’s basically a one-second long clip that works similar to those “3D” foil doodads on cards, that provide a 60fps playback of a scene in question. It’s simple and quaint, and evokes all those warm feelings of watching animal documentaries that fast-forward and rewind little moments like a creature running across a pond.

Like most apps in the modern market, this doesn’t just perform a function, it also doubles as a social network. Signing up grants you an “@” username, as well as a short biography that lets your faithful readers know what you stand for (with monikers like “writer” or “photographer”), as well as a place for your website.

Polaroid 1.jpg

It’s all basic stuff but thankfully not too bombastic, even if all of it doesn’t really feel necessary. Because if there was one type of company that I would trust in building a massive community it’s a well-known entity like Polaroid, but still—it’s up in the air how much the “brand” really means these days. Thankfully you can sign up with Facebook or Twitter if you aren’t keen on making a billion proprietary accounts. And best of all, you can embed the posts pretty much anywhere, as we did above.

Polaroid Swing doesn’t feel wholly necessary (and in many ways, even gimmicky), but if you aren’t a fan of the way Vine operates, give it a shot. It’s a nice amalgamation of Instagram (it even sports a similar icon) and Vine, and the result comes together with an albeit currently floundering social network that’s rife with potential.

Polaroid Swing is an iOS app that can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store.