Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Tim Kaine and the DNC Email Hack

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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In his latest “Closer Look” segment on Late Night, Seth Meyers breaks down Hillary Clinton’s choice of VP and the newest email scandal to wreak havoc on the Democratic party.

Meyers poked at how there seems to be a consensus that Tim Kaine is the “safe” choice for Clinton’s running mate. “The only way Hillary could have been safer is if she’d picked a Volvo wearing a bike helmet,” joked Meyers. He added that safe is another word for boring, which Kaine has also been accused of being—and the man himself agrees. He does, however, play a “mean harmonica,” according to Clinton.

With Clinton as a safer choice than Trump, and boring Kaine at her right hand, Meyers says that the DNC should be pretty bland, right? Not when “emails are to Hillary as snakes were to Indiana Jones.” Hackers leaked a hoard of 20,000 emails revealing that Democratic National Convention leaders, most notably including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, conspired to take down the Bernie Sanders campaign. The emails consist of a conversation about what could be used against Bernie, from his faith to his “mess” of a campaign. “A mess?” said Meyers. “I don’t know, it seems like he’s the only Democrat who knows who to use his fucking email.”

Watch the full video above to hear all of Meyers’ comments.