2K's First VR-Exclusive Game is Carnival Games VR

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2K Games is taking its first step into the world of virtual reality with Carnival Games VR.

A continuation of the popular Carnival Games series, Carnival Games VR will feature 12 different different carnival-style games, including “Ring Toss” and “Alley Ball,” the game’s name for skee ball. According to a press release, you’ll also be able to explore the park itself and interact with characters, collect tickets for fun virtual prizes, challenge your friends and vie for the top spot on the online leaderboard.

Sarah Anderson, SVP of Marketing at 2K, said in a statement:

Virtual reality is an exciting new emerging platform that has the potential to enhance the way that interactive entertainment is created and experienced. As our first foray into this space, we wanted to deliver a highly accessible entertainment experience that would allow players to immerse themselves in the familiar, classic fun of our Carnival Games series. With its stylized interactive environments and all-new features, Carnival Games VR will deliver the magic of the midway like never before.

Carnival Games was one of those Wii titles that seemingly everyone owned because its simple controls and presentation made it easy for even non-gaming types to enjoy, especially just as a tech demo for motion controls. 2K could be hoping for the same type of interest with Carnival Games VR, but VR right now has such a different install base than the Wii did. It’ll be interesting to see how that smaller and more niche audience reacts to it.

Carnival Games VR will be available for the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR for $19.99 on Oct. 28. Oculus Rift support is coming later this year. Check out the game’s key art below.


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