Citabria Takes Our Heart, One Note at a Time

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Citabria Takes Our Heart, One Note at a Time

Citabria is a noteworthy band that has been thriving in the California music scene. Earlier this year we saw the group releasing their latest single, "Take My Heart," to the praise of fans and critics alike. One of the first of several singles the group plans to launch this year, we had a chance to sit down and chat with the band, as we talk about their past, present and future as Citabria.

 Watch Citabria's "Take My Heart" via Youtube:

Just releasing your new single,"Take My Heart" what was the influence and drive behind the song?

Originally the song was inspired by a vocal sample that our guitarist was messing around with from an old Funk/Soul track called "Satisfaction Guaranteed" by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes. Nate sampled this catch phrase, "Take my love back." Of course we realized that we could never legally use this line or melody, but it's what initially inspired the song and set the theme for, "Take My Heart." Sometimes you have to dig out mom and dad's old record stash to get inspired. 

When it comes to writing your initial instrumentation, what influences or inspirations have been swirling around your head while creating the new songs such as "Take My Heart"

The track or beat our guitarist Nate made was slower and in half time. He sent it to Keviano, our drummer, to see if he could add to it. Keviano wrote what is now the chorus for TMH. His take on it led him to a more dancey/groovy feel. The initial collaboration track we worked on was definitely over a year ago, but also something that neither of us had forgotten about. The funny part is that neither the sample nor the original track was used. Inspiration is funny that way. Nate was inspired by a sample and Keviano was inspired by what Nate did with the sample and that's how TMH was born. As far as the lyric content, we tried to keep the same theme as the funk track. We went through several different vocal melodies. Our poor singer was ready to bring out the butcher knife when we all decided on settling on his first idea. LOL! Our bassist Edgar was real thoughtful on laying out a funky baseline without stepping on the vocal melody. 

What can you tell us about the making of the"Take My Heart" video? How long did it take to film?

It took maybe an hour of actual filming but all day to shoot. It was on Super Bowl Sunday that we shot the video.  We had shot a previous music video the prior week but we all agreed we should re-shoot another music video. In making this decision, it pushed up our deadline, forcing us to film and edit it, all in one day.  

As for the track itself, did you record it on your own, or did you use a producer and studio?

Collectively we are all fairly savvy when it comes to audio recording, so we definitely are fortunate enough to be able to record and mix ourselves. This doesn't necessarily always translate in it being easier for us. In some ways its more difficult, and in other ways it's easier, scheduling, money, and time-wise. Also, if we are unhappy with something, a performance or something, we can easily fix it. 

One element that intrigued me about your sound is the smooth yet prominent vocals throughout. How did the group find its voice?

That's just Leo's style, our singer. He's always had a smooth vocal style. Before we auditioned him, we were checking/listening to his demo's and his vocal ability and style reminded us a lot of Maynard from A Perfect Circle and Sting. We were impressed, needless to say. 

What are your favorite venues to perform at? And how do you bring your sound from the studio onto the stage? Does anything get arranged to work differently?

A great venue is usually determined by their sound capabilities and the amount of people that show up for the event. Recently we played SXSW and our favorite venue was  "Cheers," a rooftop bar in Austin TX. They had a great sound and there was an awesome energy from the crowd. It’s kinda hard to not have fun on a rooftop watching great bands. 

As far as transferring our studio sound to the stage, it’s seamless. We always cross our fingers for a great sound system and audio engineer because we are a loud band and to sound amazing, we need them both. Almost everything you hear on the record is what you hear when we play live. Edgar plays synths when he’s not playing bass. Keviano is playing electronic drums and triggering sequences on top of playing normal drums. All of the guitar effects and vocal effects are the same. I think only thing that's kinda different is subtle things like how Leo sings a certain melody or how Keviano plays a drum fill.

What would you say, as an artist, you are looking to accomplish with your music, as well as the upcoming releases in the series of singles you are releasing this year?

Our ultimate goal is for our music to reach global recognition and to play in front of thousands of people that will sing our lyrics back to us. 

What is the next single going to be? Can you reveal any details yet?

The next single doesn’t have a title yet but it's a really dynamic song with a good blend of old school funk and EDM. It's about the excitement of having the hots for someone and this constant obsession that manifests itself into a dream world of pleasures.