Colbie Caillat: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Colbie Caillat
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Colbie Caillat is a pop singer-songwriter who broke through into the industry with her 2007 album Coco. The album, best known for the lead single “Bubbly,” remains her biggest hit in the United States to date. Her father, Ken, was also a highly influential figure in the music business, having co-produced two Fleetwood Mac albums. Interestingly, she was one of the first musicians to rise to fame through social media, having been discovered through social network MySpace. With her talented background and soulful singing, we knew she would be a great fit for a session at our Manhattan studio.

Colbie Caillat is on the verge of releasing her sixth studio album, The Malibu Sessions, which is scheduled to be available on October 7, 2016. The dates to promote that release are unique as they will be part of Caillat’s first ever acoustic tour. In addition, The Malibu Sessions will mark her first release on her own label, PlummyLou Records.