Green Day to Return With A "Bang, Bang" On Aug. 11

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California pop punk trio Green Day are set to return in just 10 days with a new single called “Bang, Bang.”

The news stems from an Instagram photo frontman Billie Joe Armstrong posted recently of himself with bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool. Jason White, the band’s longtime touring guitarist who officially joined in 2012, is absent, perhaps stemming from a tonsil cancer diagnosis in 2014.

The forthcoming single is only the second piece of new music (the first a goofy Christmas single) the Oakland pop-punks have released since the rather disastrous rollout for 2012’s trilogy Uno, Dos and Très.

In the years in between, Armstrong played with the reunited Replacements, Green Day got inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and graced the stage of the punk club that originally banned them for “selling out” after the smash success of Dookie.

Revisit the band’s early ‘90’s glory days with this Paste cloud performance of “Paper Lanterns” from 1990’s Slappy EP at Woodstock 1994.

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