Watch Nick Kroll and Adam Pally in an Exclusive Clip From Joshy

Comedy Video Nick Kroll
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The reviews are in, and the only critic that matters (uh, Paste's, of course) loves Joshy, the low-key comedy from writer-director Jeff Baena. Baena's dark, funny hangout flick brings together a top notch comedic cast, including Nick Kroll, Adam Pally, Thomas Middleditch, Jenny Slate, Aubrey Plaza, Brett Gelman and Alex Ross Perry. It's a comedy rooted in recognizable, every day life, and all the actors are on the same page. As our critic Norm Schrager writers, Baena and Joshy "has a group of actors who understand that finely tuned humor comes with a level of closely connected pathos." This clip with Kroll, Pally and Perry is a great example of Joshy's tone and style of humor. If it seems up your alley, check it out in theaters and on VOD tomorrow, August 12, 2016.