NEW VIDEO: Logan Lynn "Go There When You Want To Be Loved"

Music Video
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"When news broke about the Pulse Orlando shooting I, like so many other gay Americans, felt the sense of hopelessness we have all felt so many times before -- that, to many, our lives are still less valuable...that not everyone feels that we are human", Lynn continued, "It's so awful that, as a gay man, I am banned from donating blood to help other gay men who have lost theirs.  My reaction to this feeling of helplessness at first was to cry a lot and then, almost immediately, to rally my networks.  I was desperate to put my attention toward something positive in the face of all the traumatizing, around-the-clock media coverage, which is how the charity single was born. This song is about feeling alone.  I know that many LGBT people feel this way, too.  We are all looking for our place in a world that refuses to make a place for us.  It's no wonder we are hurting.  This song is meant to be the antidote for all of that hate and suffering.  It's an experiment in pure, unbridled joy."

Logan Lynn's 8th studio album, ADIEU, releases September 23rd.

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