Norwood Brings the Impressive "Notes to My Blood"

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Norwood takes over the indie-folk world with their new release, Notes to My Blood. Released earlier this Summer, we have seen the band’s climbing success as they share an impressive release. The musical formation by frontman Christopher Norwood, he combines aspects of modern day troubadours and first-love influences such as Sublime, to carry a record that dives head first into Norwood’s personal world.

The first single from the album, “Moonlight,” had created an impressive debut from the band, though every track on the record delivers the goods. Throughout we see their not-so-average folk sound come to life, as stronger elements both musically and lyrically come into play.

Focus tracks on the record include pieces such as “Pretend” and “Art is Never Free,” which immediately became favorites of mine. Their artistic blend of folk is met with a cutting edge, that places them above and beyond the rest. Norwood is a delightful treat for your ears, that will entice and enlighten with each and every listen.

Notes to My Blood is available here: