New Technology Discoveries Are Rewarded With Sean Bean Speaking in Civilization VI

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Like the late Leonard Nimoy and W. Morgan Sheppard before him, Sean Bean will lend his gruff, encouraging English burr to new technological discoveries in the forthcoming Civilization VI.

The Civ games follow the player as they build their chosen culture from a village tribe to a thriving world power as they build cities, gather resources and, of course, attack other groups for control.

Improved technology is a central ingredient to building and expanding successfully. When a player discovers a new technology, Bean’s voice will suddenly quote a famous philosopher or inventor with words matching the technology discovered.

PC Gamer confirmed Bean’s role, and have provided the glorious video evidence below to prove it.

Bean will also be heard reading quotes for accomplishments with the game’s new Civics Tree, which improves and strengthen’s the culture of the player’s civilization.

Watch the new game’s impressive trailer to get even more swept up by Bean’s effective embellishment and read the actor’s entry in our “Roles of a Lifetime” column.

Civilization VI will see release on PC on Oct. 21, and is already shaping up to be a great virtual tool for education.

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