Reliving the Distinctive Glory of TV Watching in 1995

TV Video Friends
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Remember the good old days, where you had to actually watch a show at the exact time that it aired, and if you forgot to hit record on your VCR you just missed it? It sounds like a dark time, but it’s interesting to think about how the way we watched TV in the time of Friends is completely different from how we do it now, in the time of The Walking Dead. Come along for the ride, as we reminisce about the delicate art of watching TV in 1995.

1. Time Sensitive
In 1995 your TV ruled the schedule. If it was your favorite show, you would have to plan your life around it. Now if you miss a new episode of Game of Thrones, you have to plan your life around avoiding spoilers on social media.

2. Commercial Breaks

I’m convinced the only time people intentionally watch TV commercials now is during The Super Bowl. Back in 1995, commercial breaks were the most productive time of the day.

3. We had to talk about the shows in person

We miss the days when you went to work, and you would talk about what happened on TV with actual people, or you might call a friend from a cordless phone.

4. Fan Mail

You were never actually going to get the chance to make contact with a celebrity, unless your family piled in the minivan and drove to New York or LA. You were never going to get a chance to tell your favorite actors anything, unless you wrote them an actual letter. Notes, and pens, and an actual stamp. You had to pay to play.

I wonder what Tori Spelling did with her fan mail. Do you think she still has it in a storage unit?

5. The Blessed VCR

The holy grail of TV watching. Never, ever forget.