Now You Can Own a Piece of BrewDog

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Now You Can Own a Piece of BrewDog

Have you always wished you could own part of a brewery? Now your dreams can come true thanks to BrewDog. The Scottish brewery is currently running a crowdfunding campaign in the United States for its new flagship location in the U.S. in Columbus, Ohio. It’s goal? To raise $50 million during the next six months help fund construction and expansion of the team.

“Our philospophy has always been to try and shorten the distance between ourselves and the people who enjoy the beers that we make,” BrewDog founder James Watt told Paste from Scotland, where the brewery ’s first location is based. “We want to make our best customers complicit in our success.”


The crowdfunding campaign is similar to a previous campaign the brewery ran in Scotland. There, Watt says investors become advocates and ambassadors for the brand, helping it grow in the process.

“We’re so excited for the Columbus project,” says Watt. “It’s been so difficult for us to ship our beers from Scotland to the US. The amount of time it takes to get there, it causes a big carbon footprint, it means when the beers get there they’re a little bit too old and a little bit too expensive…The building is about 90% finished, and the equipment is on its way from Germany. The investment is going to help expand that business even more.”

In the United States, each share of BrewDog costs $47.50, and you have to buy two in order to be part of the party. That means you need $95 to have skin in the game. There is; however, perks in ownership. Everyone who buys at least two shares will have a say in how BrewDog is run the U.S, get free tours of the new Columbus brewery when it opens (you’ll own some of it, right?) and of the BrewDog facility in Ellon Scotland if you ever make it there. You’ll also score a 5% discount at all BrewDog bars around the world, and you’ll get an invite (and a +1) to BrewDog’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), what the brewery hopes to be a legendary beer, music, and food festival that can only been attended by shareholders.

The crowdfunding campaign has been up for a few weeks now, and has already raised over $1.5 million. As for investors, Watt says that they’ve seen quite the mix.

“It such a wide specturum. We’ve had investments in the tens of thousands due to some more conventional investors, and we’ve had much smaller investments from people who just want to get involved and be part of our journey,” he says. “It’s a mix of people that look at beer and our business from a beer perspective, and it’s also a mix of poeple that are just very interested in what we’re doing from a business persective as well.”

Brewdog’s Ohio brewery is expected to officially open later this year, and Watt has one bit of advice for its launch: “Expect fireworks.”

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