Jacob Golden- Nowhere Man (sadder and slower Beatles cover)

Music Video
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I grew up with the Beatles as a lot of folks did, I'd dig through my folk's record collection and hear these amazing songs. Nowhere Man is one of my favorite Beatles songs, it's got such a mood to it. I go back and forth feeling like I'm either this poor chap John is singing about (It's rumored he was singing about himself), wandering around, going nowhere...sometimes I really relate to that guy. Other times, I feel like I'm the voice of the song. Like I've got a clue and I'm looking out at all the lonely souls out there. I can feel a sadness that's not really present in the original. I am able to dig deep into that vibe. I know about that stuff. I can swim around in that mood and be quite happy. So here it is ladies and gentleman- The Beatles, only sadder and slower, just the way I like it!