The Junior League Delights with "Also Rans"

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The Junior League is the musical project from mastermind Joe Adragna. Focusing on his latest endeavor, Also Rans, Adragna takes us on quite an exploration that stands the test of time.  Teetering back and forth from an updated indie pop sound to the nostalgic 60s, he offers up a delightful record that gets better within every listen.

Adragna’s attention to detail shines through as every note, lyrically and musically, placing a sense of perfection. Also Rans sugary-sweet tone is notable in key singles “On/Off” and “The Stars in Our Eyes,” which have been making the rounds throughout the Spring and Summer.

Throughout the record we hear elements of swirling guitars, astounding vocals and harmonies, and keys that are to die for. Enlisting a help of a few friends such as Sloan’s Jay Ferguson and Young Fresh Fellows’ Scott McCaughey and J. Murphy, the record is tied together with a team effort and a true labor of love.

Keep the hits coming Junior League…we’re listening.

Also Rans is available now: