Truett - Be Mine

Music Video
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Truett's self-titled debut EP is a hard-riffing onslaught of fuzzed-out guitars and urgent vocals. The singer/guitarist worked out each song while touring the American South, wailing into the bright lights and cigarette smoke night after night until the new songs were fully formed.

Years ago, when Truett was still just a teenaged kid, he left home to tour with internet-sensation Ron Pope's band, The District. A child prodigy on guitar, Truett traveled the country with the band, who had strict instructions from Truett's mother to make sure he didn't "drink, smoke, take drugs or have sex."

That journey marked the beginning of a brotherhood that now comes full circle with Truett's lead single "Be Mine" (co-written and produced by Pope). The song features  a Godzilla-ferocious guitar tone pummeling a larger than life riff, its angular groove punctuated by Truett's gritty, soulful moan. The new five-song EP (out Sept. 30 on Brooklyn Basement Records) follows suit with songs of love and redemption accentuated by powerful hooks and overdriven guitars.

Truett treads a path that can trace a straight line from Muddy Waters to Led Zepplin to The Black Keys, but he brings a fresh perspective to the game. His sound is heavy, his chops impeccable, and his visceral flair for images of Hell, bone and flesh further cement his ties to the deep and enduing well of rock & roll tradition.

Pre-order Truett's new self-titled EP here.