Leon Inc. - "Microfibre"

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French electronic artist Jeremy aka Leon Inc. will be releasing his debut single "Microfibre" tomorrow, September 30. The track kicks off with beautiful piano notes and synths developing into complexed soundscapes, a wonderful introduction to Leon Inc.'s world.

“Microfibre” is the first track to be lifted from Leon Inc.’s upcoming 11-track  album entitled “Insert Disc”, slated for release early 2017. The album is imagined as a total artwork, merging audio-visual components. Jeremy’s biggest project to date, Leon Inc. takes us onto what he describes as a “weird and wonderful journey”, painting a surrealist tongue-in-cheek concept using a vinyl pizza cutter for the cover, along with an ambitious microsite called “Leon Resort”, showing off web animations in sync with the LP tracks. Listen to "Microfibre" above and pre-order the track here: http://leonresort.com/

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