Aaron Little Launches New Release in Style

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Aaron Little is an absolute delight with his new record, It’s About Time. The Canada-native has been steadily creating a buzz in the music world, with his heartfelt and personal songs that will strike a chord with many. 

Not your average singer-songwriter, Little brings a dash of rock with pop elements to the table, to create an album that strikes me as one of the most noteworthy for 2016.

Kicking things off with the hit single “Nobody to Talk To” we hear a musician that is wise beyond his years. His impeccable songwriting brings a dose of honest lyrics, that shine through within every play of the record. His vocals are heaven-sent, that whether he is rocking out or taking it slow, his voice will soothe your soul.

It’s About Time is an impressive release from Aaron Little, that puts him on the map prominently, as a musician on the rise.

It’s About Time is out now www.AaronLittleMusic.com

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