10 Scrumptious Farm-To-Table Hotels

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10 Scrumptious Farm-To-Table Hotels

It is a rewarding feeling to prepare food you have taken the time to care for and grow. You know where the products were raised, what that process entailed, and can pick the produce at the peak of its freshness. But our personal home gardens aren’t the only places that guarantee “food traceability.” A few forward-thinking hotels also grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, honey and are home to livestock served to the hotel’s guests. This process provides guests with fresh ingredients that the chef has personally monitored and guests can incorporate indigenous dishes from the region into culinary works of art.

Tablet Hotels has conjured a collection of the best farm-to-table hotels that appreciate natural ingredients to complete a guests’ experience with locally produced vegetables, fruits, herbs and products from the region.

Full disclosure: Tablet doesn’t pay for this content. We cover these suggestions based on an editorial desire to bring solid content to readers about hotels using locally produced ingredients … and because reporting good deals to travelers is part of our mission. Please enjoy.

Lauren Spiler is a freelance journalist based in Athens, Georgia, but most call her Spiler.