Goliath Trailer Brings Billy Bob Thornton Back to TV, is Lacking in Davids

TV Video Billy Bob Thornton
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Billy Bob Thornton  is back on TV, but this time, it looks like he gets to be the hero. Amazon’s new legal drama Goliath introduces Thornton’s Billy McBride as a disgraced professional who was once among the best trial lawyers in the country. When McBride decides to pursue a wrongful-death lawsuit with hopes of redemption, things get complicated.

Those complications involve William Hurt’s character, who plays a high-powered attorney at McBride’s old firm. The contentiousness between McBride and his former colleague isn’t the end of it, though—it’s only the beginning. It’s a real David versus Goliath story, which means that the show was aptly named.

Goliath also stars Olivia Thirlby, and it premieres on Oct. 14 on Amazon. Although it seems unlikely, we can only hope the show will crossover with Better Call Saul, perhaps on opposite sides of a trial? Check out the Goliath trailer above, and fondly reminisce about how good Thornton was on the first season of Fargo.