The smallest Creature Share "Reboot"

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alternative group, who recall influences of early Muse and Radiohead, with a dash of Stone Temple Pilots and U2 on the side, share their latest musical endeavor, that has perked the ears of many. With Stefanos Marnerides (vocals, guitars, songwriting), Iacovos Stylianides (drums), and Stephanos Nicolaou (bass), the Cyprus group is set to impress.

The power trio brings their sound an essence to life with “Reboot,” as many of us get first glimpse of the band. Their melodic yet heavy elements bring the true ambition of the band to the table.

Marnerides voice is like a dose of heaven, as it offers up a sonically alluring tone that is wrapped around the intricate instrumentation that is laced throughout. Gearing up for a new record, we see the band in their most ambitious state yet, and we can’t wait to see what The smallest Creature have to offer next in the music world.