Watch an Exclusive Clip from The Clash-Inspired London Town

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London Town follows a young teenager named Shay in 1978 London who comes of age during the rise of punk music. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays The Clash’s frontman Joe Strummer and Shay’s idol, who provides guidance to the teen as he struggles to keep his family going after his parents’ separation.

The above clip is from early in the movie, showing Shay’s first meeting with Vivian, the punk who introduces him to The Clash. The movie is directed by Derrick Borte and stars Daniel Huttlestone as Shay, Nell Williams as Vivian and Rhys Meyers as Strummer.

London Town opens in limited release and on video on demand on Oct. 7. Watch an exclusive clip from the film above, and find the film’s full trailer here.