The 50 Coolest Coworking Spaces Across The Country

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41. South Dakota, The Garage Rapid City


The Garage Rapid City is yet another coworking community that has converted a historic building – in this case, an auto repair shop – into a thriving gathering space. So how does it stand out from the crowd? Well, we’re pretty sure that The Garage is the only place with a Chalk Artist-in-Residency Program. The space also offers a completely wireless workspace, free bicycles for wheeling around town, and a working bubbler. This isn’t the first time The Garage has made it onto an exclusive list – the South Dakota coworking space is also listed on the National Historic Registry.

42. Tennessee, TheCO


TheCO is a unique coworking space on this list because it offers a true makerspace for tinkers and prototype-makers. We’ll let the tool list speak for itself: 90watt laser cutter, 12×20” etcher bed, CNC router, 3D Printers, Drill Press, and a Dual Bevel Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw for good measure. You can get access to the tools, along with lightning fast internet, phone and meeting booths, patios and conference rooms, for under $100 a month.

43. Texas, Capital Factory


Austin is one of the most coworking-dense cities in the world. We love Capital Factory because when it comes to connecting entrepreneurs, programmers and designers, this coworking space is in a class of it’s own. In 2015, Capital Factory hosted over 32,000 people – counting coworkers and meetup, class & hackathon participants. Members enjoy treadmill desks (or massive beanbag chairs, depending on your level of motivation), 360 degree city views and a fully stocked kitchen. And if you need a place to do QA, research, development or customer support, Capital Factory has a pretty sweet Device Lab, too. If you’re a designer or programmer and your 2017 priorities include building an MVP or finding VCs, get thee to Austin.

44. Utah, Church & State


Housed in a historic (renovated!) church in downtown Salt Lake City, Church & State is a no-strings-attached business incubator offering Utah entrepreneurs mentorship, training workshops, and resource partnerships. Organized as a 501 c (3) non-profit organization, this coworking space operates totally debt-free and offers both community-use space and entrepreneur resource center spaces for free or crazy cheap. The goal is building an ecosystem of free resources, support and connections to promote Utah as a business and cultural hub.

45. Vermont, Study Hall


This Burlington coworking spot offers up all the space, coffee and Wifi you need to #GSD. Perfect for students looking for a little more community than the local coffee shop can provide, you never know what kind of gathering will happen in the 1,400 square foot loft space located in – you guessed it – a historic 1890’s building. In addition to serving the coworking community, Study Hall functions as a venue for musical performances, pop-ups, photo shoots and “revelry of all kinds”.

46. Virginia, Studio IX


Studio IX invites entrepreneurs to work outside the box. The community of innovators includes freelancers and remote workers, but what we really dig is the way this Virginia coworking space adds kids to the coworking mix. Studio IX hosts Computers4Kids Entrepreneurship Pitch Nights, an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to practice their public speaking skills in a supportive, tech-centered environment.

47. Washington, Fellow


Fellow welcomes part-timers and full-timers alike. It would be impossible to work in this space without getting inspired by existing members, like Food For All (a project working to improve local agriculture affordability and accessibility) or Terrain Spokane (a young arts organization that isn’t quite ready for full-time office space). The Washington coworking space is all concrete, brick and light. Members don’t have to look hard to find work-life balance at Fellow. In addition to shared and dedicated coworking spaces, conference rooms and meeting booths, the building houses a winery, coffee roastery, art gallery, whisky bar and yoga studio.

48. West Virginia, The Hub Coworking


This West Virginia workspace offers all-inclusive general memberships for $100/month. Members can choose from traditional or standing desks, collaboration tables or lounge areas with wireless or hardwired Wifi. JMU student entrepreneurs will appreciate free snacks, bike storage and lockers for securing laptops.

49. Wisconsin, The Docking Station


This Wisconsin coworking space targets both solopreneurs and small startups. Perfect for independent developers, technologists and salespeople who want a creative office space without a long-term lease commitment, The Docking Station offers 8-5 access to no-frills desks, conference rooms, and scanner/printer amenities with drop-in passes starting at just $10/day. For another $5, you can get a Nomad pass that lets you use the space five days a month and use The Docking Station as your business address. (They’ll even hold your mail.) It’s not fancy, but this coworking space connects the Green Bay community at an extremely affordable price.

50. Wyoming, Spark Jackson Hole


Last but certainly not least is the Wyoming coworking space Spark at Jackson Hole. The interior design, programming, and events center around Spark’s mission to create a community inspired by the mountain lifestyle and values. True to form, member gatherings include Fun Rides, Shark Tank-style pitch days, and Small Business Innovation Research workshops.

Emily Ray is Paste’s Assistant Design Editor.

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