A. DYJECINSKI "Grenades" Music Video

Music Video
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Check out this video by A. DYJECINSKI for "Grenades" directed by Sofie Dodgson and Chris Snelson.

"I went on a journey to see how remote I could live, how much solitude I could find, but seeking to be physically alone does not free one from the company of self; memories become actualized by their existence. I soon began to realize that I am failing at my journey and the point of the journey was changing; that even when physically alone, my thoughts were always in company.  The observation itself was the point. The illusion of our constructed world is made true by the belief that it is.  The album is about failure of solitude and loneliness. The songs are the autobiographical stories.

If the concept behind the album was to find solitude, so the methodology should follow suit. I overdubbed each track on reel to reel tape recorder, the centerpiece of my home studio; drums, trumpet, bass, keys, viola, guitars playing every instrument myself. Despite physical solitude, the weight ofeveryone I have ever known still stands with me; the backing vocals a symbol of their ghost.”

A.DYJECINSKI (EH-DEE-YEAH-CHIN-SKI) is originally from Nanaimo, British Columbia and lived for many years in Ontario but currently resides in London, U.K. where he works out of a home studio.  His debut self-recorded album 'The Valley of Yessiree' is as gritty and raw as it is minimal and vulnerable.

From the Album 'The Valley of Yessiree' (2016)

Director: Sofie Dodgson/Chris Snelson
Producer: Sofie Dodgson
Actor : Victoria Barrow-Williams
Color: Ruth Wardell
Edit : A. Dyjecinski