Video Premiere: Ex-Girlfriends - "Bones"

Music Video
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photo & video by Thomas Ignatius

It feels fitting that a confetti-rich seaside motel serves as the séance setting for “Bones,” the fresh new entree from Ex-Girlfriends. The all-girl supergroup (co-fronted by Sharkmuffin’s Tarra Thiessen and Side Bitch’s Heather Cousins) exists like The Craft coven with five Nancys, showcasing boozey, brazen babes who don’t give a fuck about Jersey boys...but may have written a song about one anyway, whatever. “Bones” puts that reputation to action, as the Ex-Girlfriends raise one bleach blonde deadbeat dead guy from the grave to party hard. But how long can summer last?

On a surface level, Ex-Girlfriends freely deliver loads of punky fun. The crunchy guitars are reminiscent of The Gun Club, if not slightly rawer. However, the attitude of Ex-Girlfriends comes across in their tongue-in-cheek delivery. The video alone celebrates living in the moment, yet the playful sass of Thiessen’s “now can you take off that suit,” drives that rush home. 

While “Bones” sees the ladies leaning the bliss of beachy recklessness, the twist at the end makes you wonder if this a tale of a successful summer fling, or of a vacation cut unceremoniously short. One thing is irrefutable, though: “Take me in Sean’s dad’s pool” is the greatest lyric ever written in rock n’ roll history.

Play it at your wedding. Play it at your funeral. Play it at your next séance, and check out Ex-Girlfriend’s at their music video release show at Baranquilla October 26.

-Mary Grace Garis