Meet Microsoft's Two New Computers: The Surface Studio PC and the Surface Book i7

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This morning in New York City, Microsoft took to the stage and announced a whole host of new products and updates to its Windows 10 platform.

While we didn’t get a new Surface Pro or the rumored Surface Phone, we were introduced to two new computers, built from the ground-up by Microsoft: the Surface Studio PC and a new Surface Book i7.

The Surface Studio is a clear iMac competitor—a self-contained 28-inch desktop computer that claims to be the thinnest LCD monitor ever made. The display itself is only 12.5mm, which is actually impressively thin. The display itself was a big focus of the announcement with Microsoft touting its 13.5 million pixels being 63% more pixels than in a 4K television. That’s 192 pixels per inch for those of you counting at home.

The guts of the computer are squeezed into the base, which is attached to the monitor via two chrome arms that let the display lay down to use the Surface Pen with. Connections on the back of the base include ports for audio, SD card, Mini DisplayPort, and ethernet—as well as 4 USB 3.0 ports.

“Performance is going to be unmatched,” said Panos Panay, head of devices team at Microsoft. The Surface Studio PC runs on an Intel Core i7 quadcore processor and a Nvidia GTX 980M GPU.

However, creativity—not specs—were the focus here. Panos Panay went full on Apple, saying, “Every single one of us is a creator. We want to use this product to help every one of us create. This product is about endless possibilities and pure imagination.”

In addition to the Surface Pen and touch, Microsoft showed a new way of interacting with the computer: the Surface Dial. The Dial is meant to be a quick way to scroll through pages or change settings with your off hand while you’ve got the pen in your other hand. You can even place the Dial on the screen itself, which can interact with the screen and give you more contextual controls.

The new mode of interaction works with many Surface products, including the Surface 3, the Surface Pro 4, as well as the Surface Book. The Dial will be available on November 10 for $99.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 9.56.42 AM.png

Secondly, we got a peak at a new Surface Book that Microsoft is calling the Surface Book i7. Don’t be confused if you already have a Surface Book with an i7 processor in it—this is a new update altogether.

The updated product looks nearly identical to the previous iteration, but inside there’s a push for more power. The two big updates are the Core i7 processor, the GeForce GTX 965M video card, and a larger battery. All that power is being cooled a second fan inside of the unit. The catch is that the new Surface Book starts will cost $2,399 when it ships on November 10, a hefty $1,050 more than last year’s model.

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