Eccentric Duo Soft Hair Release "In Love," a Hypnotic Track from Their Forthcoming Self-Titled Album

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Soft Hair, the new duo made up of veteran musicians Connan Mockasin and Sam Dust (of LA PRIEST and Late of The Pier), want to shake the music world up. “We’re definitely getting into some sort of new modern era with every form of technology and media, and people are still making three-minute songs and 40-minute albums,” Mockasin recently told Dazed & Confused Magazine. “That’s the side that really gets boring.”

To rebel against musical conformity, the pair likes to invent new instruments and shun conventions. In that spirit comes “In Love,” the track they released today off their forthcoming self-titled debut album.

It’s not that everything about “In Love” is weird. You’ve got some conventional instruments: an electric bass; a drum kit; funky vocals. But then there’s the siren whirring in the background; the bubbly sound effects; a grating synthesizer; the lack of a clear tonal center near the end. All the elements blend into a combination that’s atypical and hypnotic, kind of like the music you’d put on if you were partying underwater with hip aliens.

Soft Hair is out on Oct. 28 via Weird World—you can pre-order the album here. Listen to “In Love” below.

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