Seth Meyers Knows Why Donald Trump Won't Release His Tax Returns

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Seth Meyers has it all figured out. He knows why Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns, and more importantly, why Trump is running for president in the first place. It’s a theory he’s posited before: “I think you’re poor,” Meyers said during a segment on last night’s Late Night.

Before he arrived at that conclusion, Meyers took a deep dive into Trump’s awful weekend, one filled with late-night Twitter rants and the release of several pages from one of his tax returns. In the Twitter rant in question, Trump encouraged his followers to check out Alicia Machado’s apparently fictional sex tape, which was “the first time a major party nominee recommended pornography to his supporters.”

Trump defended the lateness of the tweets, which were sent as late as 5 a.m., by suggesting that it proves that he will always be ready for the call. “Especially if it’s ‘Mr. President, it’s the North Koreans. They want your thoughts on Rosie O’Donnell,’” said Meyers.

As for Trump’s leaked tax returns, they revealed that Trump suffered a $916 million loss that could conceivably have allowed him to avoid paying taxes for 18 years. The documents were released by The New York Times, who received them in the mail with a return address from Trump Tower. “The killer is inside the house,” Meyers joked.

This led Meyers back to his theory. Meyers thinks Trump wants the job because it pays well, but now he realizes that the president’s salary is lower than he initially anticipated. “And, oh my God, now you’re panicking, and you’re desperate to find a way out, and, oh my God, that’s it. Trump Tower. You sent the letter!”

Check out the full clip above to see Seth Meyers feel incredibly pleased with himself. Whether Trump’s poor or not, the rumor that he is is sure to get under his skin.

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