Video Premiere - Kent Eugene Goolsby - "Loveless Prayers"

Music Video
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Artist: Kent Eugene Goolsby 

Release: Temper Of The Times 

Release Date: November 11, 2016

With lines such as "Like a weathered headstone - you've had your last say", Kent Eugene Goolsby, in his own words, says that "this is a song about goodbyes and forgiveness."

"We all have had friends that we've fallen out of touch with. Friends we used to share secrets with and lend a couch to when they came through town. Some we've reconnected with - most we haven't. It's a regrettable thing. I couldn't help but think that "Loveless Prayers" took on a new meaning with the passing of my friend Chris Porter."

"We fist-fight with fate - we go where the road takes us and we etch our own truths in stone. All in hopes that someone will hear our song and make a connection that makes us feel much more full than some half-empty bar room on a Tuesday night. Because we aren't alone - we exist through songs, prayers, whatever you want to call them. And I'll listen to every single one of them." 

Dedicated to Chris Porter.

Video directed by Joey Kneiser

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