Violent Femmes: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Violent Femmes
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In the ‘80s they were typifications of teen angst; they’ve calmed a bit now, but they’re still making great music with a dash of emotional agitation. Gordon Gano’s voice is as arresting as ever, Brian Ritchie continues to execute dynamic lines on the bass, and John Sparrow—the band’s drummer as of January 2016—is a talented and quirky new addition with a proclivity for appearing onstage with a grill. For their set in the Paste Studio, the Femmes brought in saxophonist Blaise Garza and percussionist Mike Kasprzak as backup. They performed three songs that span their career—1984’s “It’s Gonna Rain,” 1994’s “I’m Nothing,” and “Untrue Love” from their latest album We Can Do Anything, which was just released in March. The band’s joy while playing is infectious. Give it a listen in the player above and see for yourself.