Travel Pulau Putri Island Resort Pulau Seribu Island

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Travel Pulau Putri Island Resort Pulau Seribu Island

Pulau Putri Island is located in the Thousand Islands, North Jakarta, to reach Princess Island can be reached by speedboat from Jakarta with a travel time of approximately 1 hour from Marina Ancol Jakarta. The condition of the beach and the sea water is clean and away from jakarta pollution, make the island into one of the Pulau Putri islands Favorite visitors. tourism activities in the Island Princess is very diverse, the island's main tourist attractions and its flagship is the "Underwater World" aquarium that has a tunnel under the sea. Visitors can immediately see a variety of marine animals. Pulau Putri Island also features water sport facilities like snorkeling, scuba diving, banana boat, canoe and jet ski.

Pulau Putri Island is one of the islands of the Pulau Seribu Islands administered as a Resort, Island Princess has a variety of facilities that have been provided as Donut boat, Banan boat, swimming pool, Waterboom, Glass Bottom Boat, and many more, the Island Princess also has a distillery water sea ??into fresh water, so the tourists do not need to fear that the water in the Island Princess feels already bargain. The trip to the Island Princess reached approximately one hour from Pier Marina Ancol Jakarta with a transport ship speed boat.

In the afternoon Tourists can see several surrounding Sunset with Pulau Seribu Island using Vessel speed boat, to see the sunset cruise around 5 rating will be traveling around the island for 1 hour, and to see the sunset cruise only on the weekends and when there Group. Island Princess has 70 cottages owned, could accommodate up to a maximum of 200 participants. Very often in the island's daughter held events Meeting, Outing, Outbound, Family Gathering.