Standing Rock and #NoDAPL: Ray Flanagan's Evocative "Plants By The Water"

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While immediate action takes place in Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline, artists like songwriter Ray Flanagan are doing their part to generate awareness.

We're no strangers to politicized, protest songwriting. What they so often lack is a timelessness due the very nature of writing a topical song. Ray Flanagan's "Plants By The Water" is a timeless, poetic and emotive response to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

"Sacred stone / Back in fields of oil / Stamping out their footprints / Erasing them as people / from the tired world," sings Ray Flanagan on the evocative new single.

Flanagan says the song "sets a hard contrast between the peaceful, natural imagery of some Native American cultural visions, and the cutting blizzard of greed that has come to overtake their way of life time and time again, often from the U.S. government itself."

"The Dakota Access Pipeline represents disrespect and disregard for morality, culture, and humanity," says Flanagan. "I will use my art to speak against this type of degradation wherever I am able to find inspiration through empathy. May the Standing Rock Sioux some day regain prosperity. I stand with them in solidarity."

"I hurt deeply for the folks out there...I hope it will bring some emotional rest, however temporary, to some people, and if it can raise any money at all, I suppose that's better than nothing."

David Alan Shaw (recording/mixing) at Tungsten AV, Adam Boose with Cauliflower Audio (mastering), and Hoover Design Co. also donated their time towards the making of the single. All proceeds from the sale of "Plants By The Water" will benefit the Standing Rock DAPL fund. You can stream and purchase the single here.