Hayes Peebles - Ghosts

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Very few things can offer the sort of solace on a cold day that a slow pour of whiskey can. From the moment it hits your lips, you can track the warmth as it traverses down your throat and finds a home in your belly. Suddenly, you're perfectly comfortable despite the plunging temperatures. 

The song starts off largely around an easy-going acoustic guitar riff and sparse bass and ambiance. Once the percussion comes in, and it does so with authority, the vibe of the song takes a turn. Quickly after we get our first taste of the refrain accentuated by beautiful vocal harmonies that melt into each other like a single ice cube in that glass of bourbon I hope you're sipping as you listen. 

Hayes Peebles is only in his early 20's but he carries a timeless sound that suggests he's been around a lot longer. "Ghosts" is the title track off of a new EP due out next year. With this first offering, we're excited to see what else Hayes has in store for us.