The 10 Best European Airbnb Deals

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The 10 Best European Airbnb Deals

Your dream vacation might not be as draining—logistically or financially—as you may think. Airbnb released the cheapest 25 European getaways for fall or winter breaks. Paste took the liberty of choosing our favorite 10 cities and their respective homes that will make you crave Europe even more.

1. Tbilisi, Georgia, $30; 2. Belgrade, Serbia, $33; 3. Sofia, Bulgaria, $34; 4. Bucharest, Romania, $34; 5. Zagreb, Croatia, $39; 6. Leipzig, Germany, $40; 7. Athens, Greece, $44; 8. Riga, Latvia, $44; 9. Palermo, Sicily, $47; 10. Nantes, France, $47.

McGee Nall is a travel intern with Paste and a freelance writer based out of Athens, Georgia.