Ani DiFranco: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Ani DiFranco
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The artists who visit the Paste studio usually play their recent releases; however, Ani DiFranco made an exception in light of the disturbing new election results. DiFranco has written piercing protest songs throughout her almost 30-year career. She’s remarkably talented at encapsulating a political mood in fresh, meaningful metaphor; her music can inspire action as well as provide emotional catharsis. Unlike so many protest songs, hers are both angry and beautiful. “I’ve been, as of this week, feeling like I want to pull out some songs from the George W. era, cause that’s the same weight of what I’m feeling now,” DiFranco told us. She performed her classics Your Next Bold Move and Subdivision as well as the new ode to reproductive freedom she wrote for the anti-Trump 30 Days, 30 Songs project: Play God. The nation is infested with troubles and gloom, yet we’ve got DiFranco, who after so many years is still singing boldly about what’s right. If, like us, you need a motivational boost—or if you’re just ready to have your heartstrings pulled—watch her performances in the player above, and if you’re in New York, don’t miss the last two dates of her VOTE DAMMIT tour tonight and tomorrow.