21 of the Best New Novels Translated into English

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21 of the Best New Novels Translated into English

It’s an established fact in the literary world that Americans just aren’t that motivated to read fiction in translation. Three Percent, a literary blog hosted by the University of Rochester, takes its title from the oft-cited statistic that only three percent of all books published in the States each year are in translation—and if narrowed down to fiction and poetry, the number is closer to 0.7 percent.

But while that number might be woefully low—in Germany, for some sobering perspective, it’s roughly 20 percent—there are a number of small publishers in the States working both to move the needle and to ensure that the 0.7 percent represents some of the most interesting fiction being published around the world.

Click through the gallery to view 21 of the most interesting, translated-into-English novels of the past (and upcoming) year.