Bill Murray Sings "Go, Cubs, Go" on SNL

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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Do you think Bill Murray is actually as miserable as he looks every time he makes a surprise public appearance, or is it all an act? Because, if it’s not, then boy, we really gotta stop winding him up and parading him around like Slurms McKenzie? What’s especially disheartening is how, for all Murray’s accomplished, he’s become a symbol of the obscene extent to which we valorize celebrity for celebrity’s sake. Look how his eyes flicker at the applause when he’s revealed—he knows. He must know. He hasn’t done anything yet; he’s just there. All he ever has to do anymore is just be some hollow vessel for our collective pop idolatry. That’s gotta take a toll. Anyway, here’s that viral Bill Murray content we all crave. Slurp, slurp, slurp it up!!

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