Childish Gambino's New Album Has a Virtual Reality Edition, Whatever That Means

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Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Donald Glover, is poised to release his third full-length LP Awaken, My Love! this week, and his website was updated with a “Virtual Reality Limited Edition Vinyl” available for pre-order.

What the “Virtual Reality Limited Edition Vinyl” entails is still a bit of a mystery. The website explains that it comes with two 12” vinyls and a poster, but it doesn’t mention what is so virtually real about it. It likely has something to do with Gambino’s PHAROS Earth app, which was recently updated with a concert version of one of the album’s two stellar singles, “Me and Your Mama.”

If you’re willing to drop money on anything Gambino-related, and can wait until 2017 to get it, the “Virtual Reality Limited Edition Vinyl” is going for $59.99. Otherwise, Awaken, My Love! comes out this Friday. You can listen to Paste Cloud audio of Childish Gambino performing “Freaks and Geeks” from his debut LP Camp below.

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