There's a New Monsters of Folk Album (and Film!) in the Works

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Monsters of Folks only ever recorded the one, self-titled album, way back in 2009. They’ve been meaning to release more material ever since then, but apparently it’s difficult for a band to operate when all its members are pursuing extremely successful, unrelated music careers.

But the group got back together for a surprise reunion in Los Angeles this summer, and Jim James just dropped more hints about forthcoming Monsters of Folk work in a Reddit AMA.

”[sic] we started another monsters of folk record a few years ago, for a screenplay that conor wrote for a monsters of folk film,” James explained. “we hope both happen someday, cuz we wanna write music for the film, but its tough to get a weird film made these days! maybe someday!”

A new album and a film on the way? Sounds too good to be true. And it might be, if the projects take another seven years before coming to fruition. We shall see … in the meantime, check out a 2013 interview Paste did with Jim James below via the Paste Cloud.

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