Kristen Wiig Freezes With SNL Cast for Mannequin Challenge Promo

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Kristen Wiig  is back on Saturday Night Live this week, and based on her promo, it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere. The host and former cast member took on the Mannequin Challenge to promote the episode with some help from the rest of the SNL cast.

Set to the sounds of Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles,” as this meme requires, the one-minute video gives us a look at all of the members of SNL’s cast, many of them in costume as characters we know and love. We see the skeletons from the now-notorious David S. Pumpkins sketch, and we also get a look at Michael Che and Colin Jost getting prepped for Weekend Update.

The whole thing finishes with a shot of Leslie Jones mid-selfie, followed by one of Wiig in front of the entire cast. Of course, Jones still manages to get the last word. Wiig is hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday, Nov. 19, with musical guest The xx. Check out the impressive promo video above.

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