Saturday Night Live Teases Dave Chappelle's Epic Return to Sketch Comedy

Comedy Video Dave Chappelle
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Dave Chappelle  has been absent from the world of sketch comedy for what seems like an eternity, but a new promo for Saturday Night Live is heralding his return. Forgoing its usual format for host promos, this SNL teaser plays more like a video welcoming Chappelle back to their world. Of course, most of it is just the back of Chappelle’s head, but it’s effective nonetheless.

This kind of promo leaves more up in the air for Chappelle’s impending stint as a host. Having worked in sketch comedy for years on Chappelle’s Show, it will be interesting to see how Chappelle’s distinct comedic voice mixes with the established tone of SNL.

Chappelle will host the show this Saturday with musical guests A Tribe Called Quest. Check out the teaser for his return to sketch comedy above.