Seth Meyers Gives Donald Trump a Chance, Immediately Realizes It's a Mistake

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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Following his win last Tuesday, President-Elect Donald Trump has begun to prepare his transition team, and Seth Meyers has found the process to be a little unsettling. “We still know very little about how Donald Trump will govern,” Meyers said. “This week we’ve been getting our first signals at what a Trump presidency will look like, and it’s not good.”

Meyers was willing to entertain the possibility that Trump would change his rhetoric once elected, and pointed to his appointment of RNC chair Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff as a potentially promising sign. Of course, any goodwill Trump earned with that appointment was immediately undone when Trump named Steve Bannon his chief strategist. “Well, we gave him a chance. Bye, chance! Thanks for stopping by! Good to see you, chance,” Meyers said.

Bannon is the former editor of Breitbart News, a site that openly promotes racist, misogynist and anti-Semitic views and is a self-declared platform for the alt-right movement. “A quick side note to everyone referring to Bannon as ‘controversial’: He’s not ‘controversial,’ he’s a white nationalist and an anti-Semite,” Meyers said of Bannon. “Don’t talk about him like he’s pineapple on pizza.”

Breitbart has published numerous deplorable headlines, and Meyers decided to list a few. “And just to give you a sense of how extreme Breitbart is, the website recently accused President Obama of importing more hating Muslims, compared Planned Parenthood’s work to the Holocaust, called conservative commentator Bill Kristol ‘a renegade Jew,’ and advised female victims of online harassment to just log off and stop screwing up the internet for men,” explained Meyers.

“How are women screwing up the internet for men?” Meyers wondered, before continuing, ”’I’m trying to watch my pornography, but they keep showing me recipes.’”

Check out the full segment above to see Meyers grapple with the idea of Obama tutoring Trump on how to be a good president.