Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Hillary Clinton's Emails, Again

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The presidential election is almost over, but the surprises just keep coming. F.B.I. director James Comey’s letter to Congress, revealing that new emails had been discovered which ostensibly related to their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private server, has caused a stir in an election that felt like it was finally starting to settle down, at least relatively speaking. On Monday night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers decided to take a look at the scandal, and the effect it might have on the election.

Meyers begins by pointing out that, in spite of all of Donald Trump’s scandals, the media is pretty focused on a single issue these days. “Trump still hasn’t released his tax returns, 12 women have accused him of sexual assault, and he’s going on trial for fraud for Trump University in November, but now the only thing the media’s talking about is emails,” Meyers said. “It’s like if during the O.J trial, everyone was focused on whether the Ford Bronco had up-to-date registration.”

Comey’s initial letter was incredibly vague, and it left people on both sides of the aisle clamoring for more details. Unfortunately, when those details started coming in, they revealed that the emails were found in connection with the investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting. “Oh f—- me,” Meyers said. “Go back to being vague! I’m sorry I asked for details. Seriously, with everything else hanging over this election, now we have the shadow of Anthony Weiner’s photographic genitalia?”

Trump even claimed that this scandal was “bigger than Watergate,” comparing it to the scandal that eventually forced the resignation of President Nixon. “Bigger than Watergate? I’d be shocked if Trump even knew what Watergate was,” said Meyers, before continuing as Trump. ”’Watergate was so bad. First you had the water, then you had the gate, and as you remember, the water went right through the gate, because a gate can’t stop water. It ruined the carpeting of the entire floor. They should have built a wall in my opinion.’”

Check out the full clip above, and thank your lucky stars this election is just a week from being over.

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